Whether or not you are you pregnant healthcare is still essential for everyday life. WCIHS can help you:

  • Find a medical home

  • Set up appointments

  • Find insurance

  • Find community resources

  • Work 1-on-1 with your family in your home



WCIHS' free Home Visiting program works directly with families before, during, and after pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby up to 18 months. Home visits are meant to ensure your family has what they need for a successful pregnancy and life after the baby comes. By participating in the WCIHS home visiting program clients earn incentives.

Click here to see the types of incentives available.

What our team does when visiting your home:

  1. Treats the entire family with respect

  2. Educates about any safety concerns in the home

  3. Breastfeeding Support (if applicable)

  4. Uses an evidenced-based curriculum to teach different ways to interact and play with your baby

  5. Discusses goals for your life

  6. Connects you with Community Resources

Am I Eligible for WCIHS' Home Visiting?

Contact your nearest WCIHS team member about eligibility guidelines however:

  • There are no income eligibility guidelines for this program;

  • You're eligibile if you're pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant, or just had a baby;

  • You could be eligible if you receive medical care at UAP-OB, Union Hospital, Valley Professionals Community Health Center, Family Health and Help Center, or Crisis Pregnancy Center.


WCIHS' Navigators work directly with doctor offices in the Wabash Valley to better serve patients. Our Navigators can meet with you before or after your appointment to answer any questions and work with you to obtain insurance, breastfeeding support,  community resources, and check eligibility for WCIHS' Home Visiting program. They also work with you to reduce risks for infant mortality. Click here to see the list of Navigators and their locations.


The driving force behind WCIHS is simple:

All Babies Deserve a Chance.

The work of the Community Action Network is working to ensure All Babies and their families in the Wabash Valley receive the most up to date education, have access to resources, and stay informed of trends.


Want to get involved?

Click here to learn about Community Action Teams


Fathers play a key role in the success of a baby and family. No matter your own situation, WCIHS can help you be a better Dad and build better relationships.


WCIHS has partnered to bring the Fathering In 15 Curriculum to more families in the Wabash Valley. Click here for a list of sites for referral for classes.

Interested in learning more? Our Community Action Teams are focused on reaching more Fathers.

“Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it.”

―Mike Myers