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The DMC is a Volunteer-Led community group working in collaboration with the All-Babies Initiative to encourage and support Dads in the Wabash Valley

Happy Family

Dads Matter Coalition

Bringing awareness to our community about the importance of the role fathers fill in their family


Why are Dads Important?

Below is a snapshot as to some facts from the National Fatherhood Initiative about the importance to have an involved father. For more information click here.

Dads-Night-24 (2).jpg

Join us and watch some baseball!

Have a great day with dad by coming out for free baseball at the Terre Haute Rex!

Limited free tickets are available on a first come first serve basis at the ball park.

Dads Matter

The DMC aims to support Wabash Valley fathers and father programs. The DMC accomplishes this by educating the community, hosting events, and partnering with local organizations to provide an avenue for Dads to interact with their kids.

Check out our Father's Day Cookout from June 2021!

DMC event cookout.JPG

Join the DMC

We'd love to have you join our important work and help fathers succeed in the Wabash Valley. The DMC meets monthly and working groups meet on an as needed basis. Contact us for more information and to join the next meeting.

We would like to thank the All Babies Initiative for allowing the DMC space on their webpage.

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