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The death of an infant is a community problem.

Every case in which a child who does not reach their first birthday is reviewed by a panel of experts to identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

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the 2020-2021
Annual Report

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  1. FIMR Informed of Fetal/Infant Death

    • Vital Records, County Clerk, Local Birth Hospital, etc.

  2. Data Collection: Maternal Interview & Records Review

    • Medical Records Abstractor & Maternal Interviewer

  3. FIMR Team Reviews & Makes Recommendations (Case Review)

    • Case Review Team

      • Reviews, analyzes the information collected in maternal interviews and medical data abstractions

      • Summarizes findings and creates recommendations to improve the community service delivery systems and community resources

  4. Community Action

    • Community Action Network/Team:

      • Works with the community to implement interventions to improve services and resources

      • Determines if the needs of the community are changing over time and decides which interventions should be added or altered to meet the needs

  5. Improved Systems, Services & Resources for Families

  6. Improved Maternal & Infant Health

Click here for more information about FIMR and for full details on what the state of Indiana is doing to support regional FIMRs

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